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Robert Charles at Robert Smart Menswear York

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The Robert Charles Collections at Robert Smart Menswear York are inspired by Nature at her boldest and vibrant best. Audacious by design, playful on purpose and consummately creative, Robert Charles is self-expression at its highest. Originality now has a name. Statement is now in style. And fun is finally back in fashion. Robert Charles at Robert Smart Menswear York is as much a collection of vibrant accessories as life is a collection of different moods, different days and different opportunities to be a different colour. Offering a selection of high quality, stylish leather belts for you to choose from, Robert Charles Accessories at Robert Smart Menswear York are a great choice for casual designer style. Find what you’re looking for with Robert Charles Accessories available now from Robert Smart Menswear in York. Our wide range of belts, cufflinks and ties need to be seen to be appreciated!



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John Smedley knitwear at Robert Smart menswear York

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Robert Smart menswear of York are proud to stock John Smedley  knitwear. Known for high quality knitwear and a rich manufacturing heritage, John Smedley knitwear at Robert Smart menswear York are a luxury brand with roots in the Derbyshire countryside and garments regularly featured in some of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines.

Though John Smedleys past helps make them who they are, it’s their design and innovation that keeps John Smedley  at the forefront of contemporary fashion. Whether they’re planning for Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter Collections John Smedley knitwear at Robert Smart menswear York there’s always plenty in store for the year ahead.

John Smedley Outerwear Collections

We’re extremely proud of our outwear John Smedley knitwear at Robert Smart menswear York collections because each year we build on the variety and stunning combinations that are available. The John Smedley knitwear at Robert Smart menswear York Men’s range features some truly special pieces that boast a whole new level of detail. As always, garments are of the highest quality, including Merino wool for cooler climes and cotton items for when the warmer weather arrives.

New Zealand Merino Wool

John Smedley’s extra-fine New Zealand Merino wool is specially bred by selected wool growers on the alpine pastures of the South Island. It’s a soft, sumptuous yarn that’s naturally warm, comfortable and easy to maintain. In 1995 John Smedley  began a unique sourcing programme with a specially selected number of wool growers in New Zealand which we still maintain today. It means we can trace our knitwear and control its provenance. They also have Zque accreditation which guarantees that we maintain fair and ethical practices in the way we work with their suppliers and the way they treat their sheep, as well as the quality of the wool.

Experience John Smedley knitwear at Robert Smart menswear York today is based on 225 years’ experience of knitting. We take our long-standing values and apply them to a contemporary fashion industry. They strive to make all our garments at their mill in Derbyshire, which keeps they true to their roots, but equally important, it means they manage our traceability and stay in control of what they create.


All of this helps John Smedley knitwear at Robert Smart menswear York  to guarantee quality and apply quality standards. There are no short cuts. No searching for lower priced alternatives which mean lower quality. John Smedley only buy the very best and we’re in control of the production process from start to finish.

Each John Smedley knitwear at Robert Smart menswear York sweater takes around seven weeks to produce and consists of more than three miles of the finest yarn and around 1.2million stitches.


There are no products in this group.


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Gardeur at Robert Smart Menswear York

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Robert Smart have a wide range of Gardeur clothes in our York shop. We have on stock:  mens chinos, jeans and smart/casual trousers. We also stock year round the hugely popular gardeur mens shorts in a variety of colours. Quality Gardeur leather belts now available in our Petergate York shop.

The perfect blend of fit and comfort. Gardeur trousers from Robert Smart in York are loved by our customers for their quality, ease of wear and exceptional tailoring. Each style is matched to your tastes and is available in a range of seasonal coulours and three leg lengths.

When you choose a pair of Gardeur trousers from Robert Smart in York you have found your own individiual, classic style that you will want to come back to time after time.

Perfect Fit

Gardeur trousers from Robert Smart in York are renowned for their flattering fit. They are specially designed with a generous cut.

Ideal Comfort

Gardeur trousers from Robert Smart in York are designed with versatility in mind. Whether for holiday or more formal occasion, there is a style for you. Each style also includes features you’ll appreciate for their sheer comfort.

When you order a pair of Gardeur trousers from Robert Smart, you’ll benefit from our years of experience providing high quality clothing and service.



Price: $190.00


This product has sold out.


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Fynch Hatton at Robert Smart Menswear York

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Robert Smart menswear in York have a new range of Fynch Hatton clothing available. High quality long-stapled cotton, finest lambswool, cashmere from Mongolia, linen, silk or Merino, on top of all that the craftsmanship right down to the perfect fit. Each and every part of a pullover is knitted to form and linked by hand with an eye to “detailed quality and workmanship”.

The name Fynch–Hatton® stands for premium quality.

The Fynch Hatton product range in our York menswear shop  encompasses everything – from Outdoor Tweed right up to Supersoft Cotton, from Premium Cotton right up to Pima Cotton Cashmere, from Sporty Polo Piquee right up to luxurious Interlock Sweat (NEW!) – all in trendy colours.

Casual pullovers and sweats  in lour York store in the spirit of the times and with personality.

Fynch cotton – Hatton York  ® only uses long-stapled and delicate US-cotton which distinguishes itself by giving the finished product an evenly knitted look and a subtle shine. Above that, our yarns are only dyed with certified dyestuffs, which are environmentally friendly and gentle to the skin. Our Supersoft Cotton is finished in a unique washing process developed by us, so that pullovers are especially soft with brilliant colours. Fynch – Hatton ® lambswool York  is soft and cuddly, as we only use the finest wool, with an average fibre between 19 and 21 thousandths of a millimetre. In addition, we take long-fibred wool, from which we have the yarn highly spun according to our specifications. These yarns are especially smooth and less prone to pilling.

Fynch–Hatton® lambswool York is easy-care and smoothens out again under the influence of warmth and moisture. This is why a standard delicate machine wash programme saves washing by hand.

Cashmere jumpers and pullovers at Robert Smart Menswear York.

Cashmere clothing York is elegant and light, and at the same time soft and warming. A cashmere pullover from our York shop  is just like an air-conditioner: warm in the winter, pleasantly cool in summer. The fine air locks between each fibre work as ideal insulation and preserve warmth.

Fynch–Hatton® produces its cashmere pullovers in Outer Mongolia. This is where the best quality can be found, carefully combed from the stomach and chest regions of the Cashmere goat and spun into double-ply yarn. The pullovers are knitted to form and linked by hand. Pure cashmere crafted to perfection.


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Carl Gross at Robert Smart Menswear York

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Carl Gross from Robert Smart in York


Relaxed suit and jacket models with added value – visible in the fabric qualities, in sophisticated details or the inside finish – not only provide for an upgrade in the upcoming season, but also for a new, modern City look.

Lively, structured and voluminous fabrics give Modern Businesswear a sporty touch. New finishes and blends provide function and optimized comfort. This is why the three collection themes in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, URBAN CASUALRELAXED CHIC and URBAN ELEGANCE, are primarily defined via fabric qualities offering special features and finish.


The theme URBAN CASUAL is characteristic of the new “relaxed wear”. Here, suits for the summer come in cotton or diagonal structures with a soft feel and lightweight structures. Pale colours are in the focus. In addition to AMF stitching and inclined flap pockets, colour-coordinated elbow patches, undercollars with discreet colour base and integrated pockets lend the suits a sporty and elegant note.

As for the inside, slightly more contrast is preferred. Striped designs, contrasting edging ribbons,

inside pocket piping and sleeve linings lend value and emotion to the primarily half-lined models.

As for single jackets, summery linen and linen/cotton blends, double-face qualities and seersucker dominate the fabric range. Structure, volume and slightly crashed surfaces provide for innovation. The designs range from club stripes, reinterpreted in terms of colour, fineliners, pepita, herringbone, Prince-of-Wales check designs down to overchecks.

The modern jacket type is attractive thanks to deconstructed fits and soft finish. Inside reversed seams and overstitched sleeve heads are some of the features to this effect. Patch pockets with or without flaps, elbow patches (patched or inserted), sporty collar fasteners and undercollars in contrasting colours underline the sporty and casual look which is perfected by the golf pleat.

In contrast, there is the slightly more elegant jacket type. Slightly accentuated shoulders, inclined flap pockets including ticket pockets, contrasting or colour-coordinated buttons, and integrated pockets are characteristic features. Elbow patches and collars with colour base form are available as an optional range of features.

Whether sporty or elegant, the visual highlights are continued in the interior of both jacket versions.

Slightly more vigorous colours are chosen, which match the top fabrics harmoniously. Stripes and plain fabrics from the same colour range are mixed. Contrasting edging ribbons, piping and sleeve linings as well as inside pockets made of top fabric are indispensable details in this series.

The entire silhouette remains slim. The fashionable 2-button model continues to be the most important style.

The trousers tie in perfectly with the sporty look. 5-pocket versions and chinos with straight legs are available. Washed Pima cotton qualities play an important part. As for the interior finish, much attention has been paid to sophisticated details. Edging ribbons, a contrasting inside waistband or an unusual inner pocket lining emphasize the sporty look.

Colour range: from light beige shades to summer darks in brown shades, sober red and green as contrast as well as a wide range of blue shades


Carl Gross in York RELAXED CHIC The new smart suit makes its appearance in upmarket and comfortable fabric qualities. Silk is gaining importance. Thus, wool/silk blends are characteristic fabrics used in this series. Increased elasticity and colour fastness make the new compositions for the Modern Business Segment so attractive. In addition to a luxurious touch, these blends are said to “breathe”, thus providing for enhanced climate and wearing comfort. Important criteria for business suits. Pin stripes and minimalistic designs determine the suit collection. Function comes via fabric qualities, modernity via fashionable designs and scene-setting. Inclined flap pockets, integrated dress handkerchiefs and intricate inner lining designs are in the focus. The suit silhouette remains moderately slim and the fashionable 2-button model is omnipresent.

The single jackets within this theme signalize sporty elegance. The means to ensure this include double-face qualities in wool/linen blends, pitted wool qualities with fresco weave offering a good grip and silky wool. Here, too, new impulses, comfort and function are provided via intelligent fabric qualities. The designs are marked by coloured overchecks, stripes and herringbone. A newlydeveloped “rolling 3-button model” has been added to the 2-button versions.


Sophisticated interior compositions continue to play a superior part. Here, colours and contrasts are the name of the game. Up to three colour schemes – always matching the top fabric harmoniously, reappear in the jackets. Fine stripes are mixed with plain fabrics. Piping, edging ribbons and AMF stitching accentuate the look.

Details such as felt collars with colour base, elbow patches in mixed patterns, contrasting sophisticated buttons and interspersed tucks underline individuality and provide emotions. Colour range: from beige to brown and a wide range of blue shades.


URBAN ELEGANCE completes the trends und tendencies for Spring/Summer 2011. In this theme, CARL GROSS presents suits, jackets, coats and co. with sartorial finish, uncompromising qualities and top-notch detail solutions. The series combines perfected tailoring with unobtrusive luxury and a passion for contemporary Modern Businesswear.

Premium qualities with tangible added value are in the focus. This is why fabrics made by the most renowned Italian weavers have been chosen exclusively for the suits. In addition to high-twist IWS qualities by Reda and Marzotto, washed wool qualities by Guabello, summery wool and linen blends by Subalpino and wool/linen blends with silk content by Vitale Barberis complete the fabric concept.

Finish and structured surfaces as well as volume come to the fore. Here, mohair looks, Délavé effects and slightly creped fabrics provide new impulses.

In addition to their fashionable appearance, most of the qualities, in particular the fabric range “Dream Wool”, offer valuable functional features. Good crease recovery, climate and wearing comfort are the most important factors integrated in the design of business suits and jackets.

The designs of the business series URBAN ELEGANCE range from summery stripes via Prince-of- Wales checks and herringbone down to fine, elegant pin stripes.

The silhouette remains slim and fashionable 2-button versions are in the focus. Preference is given to traditional summer colours. The colours range from beige to brown, all shades of blue, and grey.

Inside, linings in light colours provide liveliness and contrasts. Striped designs are matched with plain fabrics. Inner pockets with piping and edging ribbons accentuate the look. The integrated pocket rounds off the formal dress-code.

Classic business trousers as well as 1-button business coats complete the theme.



Price: $190.00


This product has sold out.


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Bladen at Robert Smart Menswear York

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Robert Smart are a Bladen stockist in York.Founded in 1917, Bladen is committed to maintaining the highest standards of traditional craftmanship with meticulous attention to detail. A Bladen jacket takes up to six weeks to create in a highly skilled process involving over 120 separate operations, many of them by hand. Bladen applies time honoured methods of construction to create clothing of exceptional elegance, comfort and durability of wear. Bladen is a signature brand we have sold for many years in York. If you have never owned a Bladen tweed jacket, have a look at our selection and add one to your wardrobe. Bladen cloths are made exclusively for Bladen by some of the finest English and Scottish mills. The interlinings are natural canvas with a four piece chest set to ensure a perfect and lasting fit across the chest and shoulders. Bladen is a signature brand we have sold for many years in our York store. If you have never owned a Bladen Blazer or Coat, have a look at our selection in York and add one to your wardrobe. Bladen cloths are made exclusively for Bladen by some of the finest English and Scottish mills. The interlinings are natural canvas with a four piece chest set to ensure a perfect and lasting fit across the chest and shoulders.


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Barker At Robert Smart Menswear York

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Barker shoes from Robert Smart in York have been an English tradition for over a hundred years. Only the most carefully selected leathers are used and the uppers are shaped on the last by hand.

Many other traditional shoemaking methods are still employed including slow natural drying and polishing. This is why Barker English shoes have a unique quality that no machine can ever match.

Barker have been making shoes in the Northamptonshire village of Earls Barton since 1880.

In a changing world, it’s good to know you can still find perfection if you look for it.

Barker shoes


The foundation stone of the Barker brand was laid in a humble cottage in the heart of England’s shoe manufacturing industry in 1880, by an enterprising Northamptonshire boot maker.
Arthur Barker was a skilled craftsman and natural innovator, whose waterproof peg-sole boots were highly sought after (the pegs would swell when wet and make the sole waterproof). Unable to satisfy increasing demands, he employed other craftsmen in surrounding villages to fulfill his growing order book. With a keen eye on the future and a shrewd sense of timing, Barker invested in factory premises at the turn of the century, later securing contracts to supply the British army with boots during the First World War.

Throughout the interwar years, the Barker brand went from strength to strength as Arthur’s three sons joined the family business, taking the brand into new markets and territories. In 1947, a new factory was built in Earls Barton to house the women’s shoe production, and in 1950 the brand established a separate sales company to sell direct to retailers.

Why are Barker shoes so good?

One thing for sure, it is craftsmen and fine materials that makes good shoes. At Barkers, there is no shortage of either. Our craftspeople produce some 200,000 pairs of hand lasted sewn shoes each year.

How do we do it?

In 1986 Barker built a new factory and offices using Northamptonshire local brick and stone. It is now one of the finest footwear factories in Europe and occupies a 4.5 acre landscaped site at the centre of the village of Earls Barton. This site is only a few hundred yards away from the original site of 1880. We are at the heart of the British Shoe Making Industry with a highly skilled local labour pool.

The factory was designed to make fine English shoes. Each section was custom built to achieve this. For example good natural light is a prime requirement for leather grading, colour matching and consistently good stitching, so the environment was arranged to provide this.
Today, Barker continue to manufacture the finest quality shoes which sell throughout the world. And although modern methods of production have been introduced over the years, the same skills, traditions and craftsmanship are very much evident today. In a world where things are constantly changing, it is reassuring that some things will always remain the same.

Design and Style

In the 1940s Albert Barker (third generation) was an internationally acknowledged footwear designer. He demonstrated that an insistence on traditional standard need not to be old-fashioned. He backed a pursuit of innovative styling with determined brand promotion, once ploughing three successive years’ profits back into advertising. These policies of top quality materials, craftsmanship and distinctive classic design are still carefully maintained.


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The country style of clothing

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Life in the country is good. Smart Country clothing of York can make you look good from outdoor to office.

If you are looking for premier outdoor clothing brands like RM Williams and Barbour, York’s famed tailor Robert Smart brings country to Main Street with Smart Country. Smart Country is a premier outfitter of classic outdoor, shooting, and rural wear located in the heart of historical York. Come find us on Low Petergate, connecting York’s two major tourist attractions, The Minster and The Shambles. If you live abroad, you can have a piece of York’s one-of-a kind style delivered to your doorstep with Smart Country’s mail order option – connecting you to tweed in no time!

Nestled in the centre of Historic York, Smart Country is a trusted outfitter among Yorkshire’s Rural outdoor Community. Resident’s of Yorkshire rely on the fashion expertise of Robert Smart for daily wear and outdoor shooting apparel. Now the same rugged and tweed clothes that are beloved for exploring, shooting and rural living are available to you. Smart Country can fit your entire family in head to toe in Yorkshire style gear; from wooly jackets to streamlined tweed to breathable shooting attire. Retailer Robert Smart has stocked Smart County with the freshest looks from the iconic brands you know and trust including Barbour and RM Williams.

Barbour has been a respected name in UK apparel for over one hundred years; with its distinctive rugged look and unparallel durability. Barbour is a versatile line with soft stripes and tough tweeds. You will love browsing the classic tweed apparel and other items from waterproof coats, to comfort quilted jackets and from weather boots to weekday loafers. Ladies will love to stroll Yorkshire with a signature tweed carry-on shoulder bag from the Barbour line. The same great quality you know and love can now be passed on generation to generation with the Barbour children’s line featuring high quality tweed coats and accessories.

Born in the Australian Bush, RM Williams is world renowned. Since 1934, men and women of distinction have trusted their clothing needs to RM Williams while navagating the terrain and shooting. Today, From the Outback to the boardroom and everywhere life’s adventures take you in between Robert Smart is your connection to RM Williams. Get ready for outdoor adventures in RM Williams famous handcrafted boots or distinctive tweed jackets.

Whether you live in the country, or just love country living, nobody can outfit you like Yorkshire’s authentic country and outdoor living fashion store, SmartCountry. Don’t trust your tweed from any one other than Robert Smart, the name Yorkshire trusts.


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Country clothing York

Country clothing York

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Country Clothing In York Is Wonderful

When you look at York you may think about a wide variety of activities that are available. One thing that York may not strike you as is having a wide range of country clothing to wear. Once you know about the wide range of country clothing that York is offering you will find that Robert Smart Menswear  and Smart Country York could be the best location to find the shooting, hunting, walking, or other country clothing that you need to find. 

One reason that Smart Country York is going to be so wonderful to find the hunting, shooting, walking, or country clothing of York is that the selection is going to be huge. When you think about Smart Country York you may think that this is going to be another run of the mill shooting, hunting, walking, country clothing shop. However, you will be shocked to see that Smart Country York is anything but your ordinary York country clothing shop.

Another reason that you should visit Smart Country York is they are going to have great prices on that huge selection of the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that you need to have. Since the selling these items at great prices you will quickly notice that you can go out into the York countryside or any countryside for that matter in style without spending a fortune. Then you will be able to tell other people about Robert Smart menswear is the best place to get great deals on the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that they need to have. Then they can head out on a more frequent basis with you to the countryside’s.

When you look for shooting, hunting, walking country clothing you should know that Robert Smart menswear is going to be a great location to find these items. That is because in York you will see that the people are more centered towards heading into the outdoors. Since the staff  of Smart Country York are more into the outdoors adventures you could ask them for advice on the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that is going to fit them. You may find that the staff at Smart Country York that will be replying to any questions are going to be some of the most knowledgeable people about the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that is required when you go outside.

For many people when they think of York clothing is going to be the least of their thoughts. However, at Robert Smart menswear you will be able to find the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that you need to have when going out into the countryside. Once you know about Robert Smart menswear you will find that this place in York is going to be the best place to find your shooting, hunting, walking country clothing. Even if you do not travel to York you will still be able to find the great shooting, hunting, walking country clothing by visiting Smart Country York menswear website.

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Hackett York

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Hackett York, Essential British Kit with a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury designer clothing for men and ever popular Little Britons Clothing Collection for children including a range of quality accessories. Available for sale in our Robert Smart and Robert Smart Clothing shops

Hackett is a classic British clothing and accessories brand which caters for the head to toe needs of men of all ages who wish to dress stylishly and to whom quality is more important than the vagaries of fashion.

Hackett takes its inspiration from the traditions of British dress without being old fashioned and as such its products are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Parts of the range are much the same as they were twenty years ago, but as Jeremy Hackett says, “our clothes wear in not out”.

Hackett’s aim is to dress men for any occasion whether it is business, formal, country or sporting and it is perfectly encapsulated under the strap-line Essential British Kit.

Hackett’s ’Little Britons’ range increasingly caters for the younger “man’s” needs.

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