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Bugatti  at Robert Smart Menswear in York

Diversity, innovation, tradition, zeitgeist, joy of life and internationality are the foundation for the success of the brand Bugatti since 1978.
Founded in 1947 in East Westphalia by Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann. Over the years, Bugatti became one of the leading men’s clothing company. For the group of companies also includes brands such as Bugatti Pikeur, Wilvorst and Dressler. But even with the 14 licensing partners shows his bugatti market strength and continues to focus on the diversity of its Bugatti brand presence. bugatti is licensed for ties, shirts, umbrellas, leather goods, underwear, belts, socks, shoes, leather jackets, hats, cell phone bags, bedding and home textiles.The accessories and licensed products complete the bugatti outfits and products from the Bed & Bath round out the Bugatti world.

Bugatti, an international label that continues to evolve into a lifestyle brand.

Stylish heat recovery: In the coming season Bugatti at Robert Smart Menswear in York is presenting functional jackets with unique added value: They actually increase performance and well-being. The reason is the new high-performance fabric ENERGEAR™ with its titanium-mineral coating. Set into the lining, it reflects the infra-red radiation (FIRs) generated by the body and makes it available to the wearer in the form of extra energy. This can have a positive effect on the circulation and so also on oxygen intake and level of performance. For hundreds of years, traditional Chinese medicine has made use of this function. bugatti is now using it to produce trend-setting fashion which is particularly comfortable to wear.

Beautifully light and natural: Off-white, beige, greige and green-tinged stone colours are the big thing in terms of colour for sports jackets this summer. Navy is coming ever more to the fore as a strong alternative and new basic colour. Accent colours such as aqua, royal blue, intense pale yellow and yellowish red tones deliver a fresh kick for summer. Keep what’s best is the maxim for styling. Bugatti at Robert Smart Menswear in York field jackets and between lengths are absolutely the first choice. Blousons are also in demand. The new sporty parka styles ring the changes. The newcomer has what it takes to become the season’s favourite.

Cotton is the top theme in fabrics, but this summer it appears in an innovative and different guise. New production processes give this natural fibre a slight techno effect or a high-quality, masculine look. And carbon-coated cotton fabrics are now available in great colours. But then Bugatti at Robert Smart Menswear in York  techno fabrics already have an established place in the best seller-list. Right at the top are wind-proof and breathable Matrix-fabrics in cotton look, closely followed by Shape-memory fabrics.

COATS – Bugatti
Perfect freedom: bugatti is creating a whole host of exciting and stylish possibilities this coming spring with its impressive range of coats for men. The brand is also impressive because of its new generation of innovative ideas and fabrics. Male customers will approve the new-style lining which, thanks to the hi-tech development ENERGEAR™, can improve the performance of the wearer. A titanium-mineral coating on the lining reflects the infra-red radiation which is emitted by the body and thus makes extra energy available to the wearer. This function has been made use of for hundreds of years by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine.

Purely a matter of shape: The question of style can be answered according to
personal preference, as almost anything goes – from classic through sporty versions, with short stand-up collars, 4-pocket coats in Matrix quality, modern Gore-tex versions with coloured lining laminates to young double-collared versions and stylish trench coats. bugatti still stakes its reputation on perfect fit. The shorter coats in particular have a surprising amount of room for movement. This is made possible by new Flexity technology which uses highly elasticated inserts in the lining.

The motto for fabrics is light and right for summer. This requirement is met equally well by both modern hi-tech fabrics and pure cotton. Shape-memory is as much a part of this as are wind-proof and breathable Matrix styles with a cotton feel. An ultra-light nylon pigmented product features as a highlight in this respect, giving fresh expression particularly to coats with a washed look.

A jacket from the new Bugatti at Robert Smart Menswear in York summer collection gives a man a distinct advantage. Every model wins points for its comfortable Flexity features. Highly-elasticated inserts in the lining mean ultimate freedom of movement. These jackets with their unique comfort in wear also represent the best in style and performance. Both washed and unwashed versions are equally trendy. The tendency is towards a more groomed appearance, but certain nonchalance is also expected.

Light fabrics such as cotton, linen or seersucker make the jackets light enough for summer. Modest stripes, checks or fresh prints with a high percentage of white keep the look fresh. Sporty jackets in wind-proof and breathable Matrix quality are a welcome alternative to the blouson. 2-button versions with patch or flap pockets set the pace for shape. Sleeve patches are still in, but are less striking.

Imagine doing without chinos! bugatti’s answer to the new mega-trend is a wide selection of hipsters. A great variety of styles offers the right solution for every character. Narrow, reduced chinos have equal place with sporty models with stitching or cargos with multi pockets and embroidery. The new city cargo with flat pockets has all the potential to rise in the charts this season. This version is very strong in combination with the jacket. Wool trousers and five pocket versions are still fashionable distance runners, although the tendency is now towards straight shapes.

The customer will be delighted to see lots of light qualities with a reduced structure but a recognisable weave, ranging from twill to mini-herringbone and on to woven coloured checks and stripes. A variety of unique colour effects and a vibrant look can be produced thanks to special washing and finishing processes. The customer will also be right on track with coloured stripes on white or washed-look shadow stripes.

The linen/cotton theme for mid-summer has been completely re-interpreted. A natural look has been achieved through the use of pin point checks in almost the same colour as the background as well as by beige-grey or shadow stripes. Trendsetters will go for innovative indigo linen in glen checks, stripes or canvas. Denim offers variety. Jeans which must, of course, look distressed are much sought after. Washing and other finishing techniques take care of the highly coveted used look with wrinkles and more. This is fashion without compromise.

Bermudas also belong to the summer. They will, however, be shorter in the coming season. This means – men show their knees! The in pattern is checks. Lots of multi-coloured woven checks and a large selection of Madras checks provide the fun. He can also choose his favourite from eleven colours for cotton Bermudas.

A fresh look to put you in a good mood: The new knits and jersey collection from bugatti sparkles with optimism. All shades of blue continue to take the lead in terms of colour. Bright tones such as coral, tobacco and sunrise yellow give sweaters and polos a trendy kick.

If it’s knitwear, it has to be sporty. Narrow-cut shapes and sweat-shirt styles are in, together with polo collars in mixed materials and zipped versions. The basis is first and foremost natural yarns. Cotton mixed with cashmere is the ideal yarn for cooler summer days. Here, the motto has to be “the finer, the better”.

Whether hooped, striped or with modest appliqué or interesting prints, polos are still a classic for the warmer season. Sport and Yachting themes lend fresh impetus in the coming season. And the preppy look gains a whole new dynamic with the addition of sporty elements. Of all the yarns, cotton in all its manifestations is the one offering the feel-good factor.

bugatti: from coat to lifestyle brand
It all began with a telephone directory for the capital of fashion, Milan. Klaus-Jürgen Möller, head of marketing at the Brinkmann company, obtained the telephone directory to look for an Italian sounding name for the company’s new fashion range, soon to discover it right near the front – bugatti. This resonant, catchy-sounding name was adopted at once. Once the brand was registered at the patent office on 26.05.1978 the first bugatti coats were produced at Herford. The bugatti quilted coats were the first to successfully break into the market in 1981. The next few years saw the brand effectively strengthen its position, first with leisurewear, then with the travel collection including pants, belts, bags and umbrellas. The bugatti colour assortment made it possible to freely mix and match the individual elements. In 1991 the company granted licences for shoes, and then for numerous other products such as shirts, knitwear, ties, belts, socks and jeans over the subsequent years. The bugatti collection achieved growth through its own lines, such as the sports Jacket range, first launched in 1992, as well as by granting licences to reliable partners.

From clothing to lifestyle
In order to establish the brand with the consumer, the first bugatti event was held on the premises of Hettlage, Düsseldorf, as early as 1983. In 2007, there were more than 100 bugatti events. Consumer advertising in magazines began in 1984. During the nineteen nineties bugatti changed from a pure menswear brand to a lifestyle brand. Granting licences for bags and luggage articles, linen and towelling articles, small leatherware items, umbrellas, home textiles and sleeping systems makes it possible for customers to give a bugatti structure to their lifestyle.

Innovation is the order of the day

A contract with Gore-Tex, concluded in 1988, saw the beginning of the consistent process of development pursued by bugatti and the Brinkmann Group to this day – incorporating innovative materials into fashionable and functional clothing. Apart from Gore-Tex products, other examples are the Outlast temperature regulation system with its roots in space research. In 2001, bugatti suits incorporating the Fresh Concept withstood the ultimate test with Günther Jauch on a Stern TV programme. 2004 saw the successful launch of clothing featuring nano protection, a new type of stain protection system providing effective protection against oil, dust, dirt and much more. In 2006, a Jacket with inbuilt heating caused a stir. This functional “Active AirCondition” ventilation system concept was persevered with throughout 2007/2008.

bugatti international
The bugatti brand went international during the nineteen nineties when it took over marketing rights for the Benelux countries in 1990, followed by those of the UK and Finland in 1998, the same year the first bugatti shop outside Germany was opened in Prague. An agreement with the VW Group, which, in the meantime, had taken over rights in the Bugatti car brand, made it possible to further widen the export markets to include France and Italy, amongst others, one year later. In the year 2000 bugatti decided to make a presentation at the famous Pitti Immagine UOMO fashion trade fair held in Florence.
With an export share of more than 50% plus a market presence in more than 60 countries worldwide, ranging from Canada to China to Australia, bugatti is now a true global player.

bugatti: the upper mid-range brand 
The fact that recourse to the Milan telephone directory a quarter of a century ago paid off is evident from the success of the bugatti brand, the brand awareness level of which has risen from 6% to 50% amongst the German population since 1984. Amongst the highest paid the figure is even almost 60%. Today, bugatti accounts for almost one third of the Brinkmann Group’s total turnover of 242 million Euro. Added to this are the permanently increasing bugatti sales volumes of the 15 licensees. “Our national and international partners profit from the fashion expertise and the strong price/performance ratio of a well-known brand in the medium to upper price segment”, states Klaus Brinkmann, Managing Partner of the Brinkmann Group.

bugatti invests in brand and floor space
bugatti is undergoing a vertical revolution in terms of floor space expansion. Shop-in-Shop floor space with partners plus bugatti stores are essential to growth, bugatti believes. But the changeover from manufacturer thinking to retailer thinking presents challenges for the entire company, although today’s more than 500 instances of floor space on partner premises both at home and abroad testifies to the success of this strategy. On the international stage, the first bugatti store was opened in Canberra, Australia, in 2007, as well as one in Ufa, Russia, five in Poland, three in China, one in Oman and one on the island of Sylt. In Germany, in 2008, stores were opened in Warnemünde, Essen, Iserlohn and Lübeck. More store projects are planned for this year, in Russia (Moscow/Samara, Rostov), the Czech Republic (Prague) and Poland (Warsaw). In China, bugatti stores were opened in Peking, Shenyang, Shenzhen and Beichen in time for the Olympic Games, and five are to follow in Changchun, Shenyang and Peking, for example.

An ambitious programme has been adopted for the next few years. At least 150 new shop-in-shops are to be opened in cooperation with trading partners. There will be at least 22 bugatti stores by the end of 2008. The plan is to open another 15 stores per year over the next few years. The intention is for the retail sector to account for at least 20% of total Bugatti sales within the next five years.


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