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Guidelines for buying Mens Suits

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A suit creates a certain image. In the corporate world a business suit can convey the individual’s place within the organization’s hierarchy, establish power and position and express one’s proficiency and mastery in his profession. You have to decide for which occasion you wish to buy suit. Make your unique wardrobe that you should choose the suit that differentiates your personality in gathering or meeting. In some occupations, the customary look may be more standard, less of a statement than a compromise-which is fine. You may not be able to name the look that the successful man in your field wear, but you can certainly recognize it and imitate it.

While buying Mens suit, one should consider

Purpose for buying suit such as Wedding Suit, Traveling Suit, Interview Suit, Business Suit, Summer Suit etc.

Suit Color – Make sure that suit color is match with your skin complexion while buying Suit.

Suit Fabric [ Guarantee of suit fabrics]

Get some fashion tips from fashion designer or sales man that which suit is suitable to your personality. There are many types of suits such as single breasted suit, double breasted suit, one button suit, two button suit etc. You should purchase suit considering your physique and outlook.


Following are some tips on buying Mens suits from Robert Smart Menswear in York.


First of all, think about the purpose of buying your suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York. If you are in the profession of sales or marketing or business executive than you need to wear suits more occasionally. In such case you have to check no of suits presently available in your wardrobe. Cut those that you rarely wear and establish the colors, designs and styles that you are lacking. Remember that dark suits exude power and authority that are amplified by a pinstripe. These are great suits for presentations, differentiating oneself in the boardroom and demonstrating that you are the authority and leader within the group. In meeting, try to wear a dark blue suit, black suit or charcoal suit with a pinstripe.

Consider a mid grey suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York as first choice followed by taupe and green shades. Beiges are great in the spring and summer months. Consider patterns with soft stripes, checks and various fabric textures. In all circumstances be sure to buy a men suit that will fit into to your environment.

If you are looking for an interview suit than you need perfect fit suit. Poorly tailored, inappropriate color or design and bad fit make bad impression on interviewer. Mid gray suit, dark grey suit or navy blue suit are more preferable for middle level positions, Dark Gray suit or Navy suit for senior management. Stripes in suits are excellent choice. Do not forget, accessories from Robert Smart Menswear in York are an important part of the Mens attire.

Those who wear suits rarely and need an all purpose suit should consider navy suit, grey suit or black suit. These suits can be worn very comfortably to mostly all events as well as interviews, parties etc. The advantage of solid navy suit or black suit is that the jacket can generally be worn as a blazer with a matching pant in grey or taupe (light brown). If you have one or two suits in your wardrobe choose timeless classics that will always be fashionable and won’t be remembered as the suit you wore the last time and the time before that. You can wear different color matching shirt and tie to give different look each time.

If you are planning to buy wedding suit than white suit is the first choice for the groom. If you wish to attend wedding party then you should make your choice based on dress code decided by groom. For evening party choose a nice dressy dark suit. An afternoon function mid range color and for summer even nice beige (light brown) is suitable. Buy all purpose suit if you don’t want to purchase more suits.

When buying travelling suit, you must look for a suit that is made of a wrinkle resistant fabric, preferably wool, has more pockets with secure. For traveling navy blue suit or black suit is more suitable color so the jacket can double as a blazer. Wrinkle free suit fabric is very important if you need to attend business meeting directly after long journey.

In selecting Mens suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York, fabric of suit is very significant. Good quality wool is still first choice of people while buying suit. Fine woolens are manufactured in various finishes and weights. This natural fiber is robust, drapes well, breathes well and also looks good. Other fabrics that are commonly used for suits are microfiber, polyester and wool blends, silk and silk blends and linen. Silk and wool blends are usually lighter weight fabrics and generally fit into the specialty suit and elegant suit categories. In Mens wear microfiber fabrics are generally a great choice for a more casual Mens suit and wear. Mens suits made of wool and polyester blends are usually inflexible and should be less expensive. Mens Linen suits are intended for a casual look. It is wonderful in the heat with only disadvantage of more wrinkles.

With Mens suit you should also consider to buy appropriate matching accessories to enhance your personality.


How Man Look Best with Right Dressing and Style?


The structure and physical outlook of every man is different. Therefore it is not necessary that every fashion looks right on everyone. For example double breasted suit is more suitable to tall and thin men while single breasted suit is more suitable to man with athletic body.  This is why it is important to have little knowledge of fashion related information to look absolute best. There are many factors that determining overall look of man such as color of dressing, body type, perfect dressing with occasion and personality etc.

Color: Colors of Mens wear makes very much impact on his personality. Colors can brighten your face and bring you forward if its match perfectly with your skin color or make you dull look if not matched properly. While selecting suit for man, it is necessary to check that it goes perfectly with your skin tone. Mens suit such as Black Suit, Navy Suit, Charcoal Suit are generally suitable for any type of skin tone.

Body Type or Physique: While selecting style for mens wear such as Mens suit, shirts, pants etc, it is always need to consider Mens body type. For different type of body like big and tall, short and slim, athletic, round it is difficult to select perfect styles and creating the correct silhouette. Pleats versus plain front trousers make a huge difference on an individual who is conscious of their middle part.

Fabric: Selecting fabrics is depends on the work or activity. If you belong to top level management, if you have to attend many business meetings, than you need high quality fabrics for your suits or cloths. It is essential that your suits become wrinkle free as more wrinkles makes wrong impression on your personality.

Lifestyle: The type of fashion you need depends on your lifestyle. If you are social worker than you need more formal dressing such as casual shirt and pants,  kurta and pants. If you are belongs to corporate personality than suits goes well. If you are buying Mens suits specifically for attending evening functions, then wear darker shades such as navy blue or charcoal gray, and avoid light colored suits.

Profession: Mens dressing change with his profession. A doctor will have different fashion needs from an army man, or worker. You need to wear cloth that suits best at your work and also most comfortable to you.

Personality: Your attire will create an individual flair and the statement you wish to project.

It is believe that 30 seconds is how long it takes for a first impression. In 30 seconds you are judged on many things including Education, Sophistication, Trustworthiness, Social Standing, Success, and Competence. The results are based almost entirely on visual signs. Appearance is also noted. And first impressions affect salaries, business deals, career advancement and the influence you will have on others.

It is difficult to find right dress that goes best to your persona. Looking best will make you feel more confident in a business or social function. How you present yourself perfectly well with how you feel better about yourself. You can find best online tailor or online Mens wear outlets who can guide you which types of dress and pattern gives you best look.


Mens Suit Colors For Different Occasions

  • Mens Black Suit
  • Mens White Suit
  • Mens Brown Suit / Mens Bronze Suit
  • Mens Navy Blue Suit
  • Mens Gray Suit / Mens Charcoal Suit
  • Mens Tan Suit
  • Mens Red Suit



Mens Black Suit


Mens classic black suits from Robert Smart Menswear in York will never go out of fashion. Every year new styles appear but the black suit is an everlasting symbol of elegance, grace and sophistication. Black Suit is designed to enhance mens personality. In Mens suit, black suit is a most often associated with formality and elegance. Black Suit is the perfect choice for any formal wear occasion. Mens Black Suits are timeless and classic. Show off your style with a choice of colorful vest and ties. Gold accessories are particularly striking when matched with a black Suit. Black suits are more formal and austere.

Wear Mens black suits from Robert Smart Menswear in York in the formal events, formal evenings and events such as weddings, communions etc. A Black Suit is right attire for business meeting, corporate presentation, formal get-togethers and yet stylish enough to wear each day to distinguish yourself in the gathering.  With mens black suit shirt with soft pattern or pale blue shirt give soften look. Match pattern of tie with black suit and avoid white, silver, black and solid color tie.




Mens Brown Suit/ Mens Bronze Suits


While selecting Brown suits or bronze suit for men from Robert Smart Menswear in York, it is very important to match suit color with color of your skin complexion. Maroon and cream is good color combination with brown suit. Brown suit is versatile and looks good with any personality. Generally mans brown suit color is avoided by many people but it gives down-to-earth feel as well as it gives some different choice if you wish to try some different look other than commonly wear suit color. Brown suits can be easily matched with earth tones from yellow to gold to tan colors.

Patterns for Mens bronze suits are limited to solids. In man brown suit avoid chalk stripe, beaded-stripe, multi stripe. If you want to buy a patterned suit, check whether the stripes match up to each other at the suits seams.

The Mens charcoal brown suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York with a grey pin stripe is the height of fashion and a keeper for a well rounded wardrobe. Mini check pattern, mid brown color suit gives different outlook with lined pant and pleats. The shades of Mens brown suits for both day and night as well as summer or winter wear. It is advisable to have a lightweight worsted flatter Mens brown suit instead of brown suits in heavy woolen. Dark brown suit with a light pink shirt for a work is good choice. With mens bronze suit wear brown shoes and avoid wearing black shoes. Some good shades of pink tie become good match with brown man suit. Another combination with brown suit is light pink shirt with brown tie. The combination of brown with maroon is always going well. When dressing up, you can never go wrong by matching the sock color to Mens brown suits. Matching the suit and sock color lengthen the body, making you look taller. Avoid bold socks with brown suits, it tone down the rest of your outfit.



Mens Navy Blue Suit


Through the right combination of dress shirts and tie, Mens navy blue suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York can be worn quite often during the week and you can still feel new look each time. In mens navy blue suit with different colors of shirts you can look different each time through the right match that can be worn quite often during the week. Navy blue suit is the best color in the Mens suit.

When selecting matching shirt with men navy blue suit select light color shirt. Mens navy blue suit has easy match with many basic colors like white, light blue, dark blue, gray and even purple dress shirts. These colors can be blended within any combination of patterns such as check, fine stripes, bold stripes on the dress shirt and make your navy blue suit look refreshing each time. The color of tie should be darker than the color of shirt. Select contrast color of shirt background and tie color to give perfect outlook to your persona.

Mens Tan Suit

Mens tan suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York will never really go out of style because it is a neutral, and, any age man can look great in tan suit. Mans tan suit is good for spring, summer and early fall, never wear it in the winter especially in colder climates. With the blue and black suits you need to wear the black belt & shoes and with the brown and tan suits, wear the brown or burgundy belt & shoes. Brown shoes work with tan suits, as well as some shades of navy and black. When wearing tan suits, choose socks that match your shoe color. Always contrast your socks and your shoes to some extent with any color suit, other than pure black. Mens Tan suits are always a great alternative for events or parties that are not so formal. However, if it says black tie, always go for darker – black or navy and smart it up with a great colorful shirt or a neutral shirt and a colorful tie.


Mens Gray Suit/ grey suit / Mens Charcoal Suit


Blues and grays color suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York are considered as professional colors. Mens Gray suit or Charcoal Gray Suit presents an image of power, stability, and professionalism. In Mens gray suits there are various shades are available from dark gray to medium gray to charcoal grey. These are the safer shades of gray where it suits both day and night as well as summer or winter wear. A fashionable fabric of choice for mans gray suit has been flannel. Flannel wool is the heaviest of the non-tweed wools. It is corded wool and durable. It looks pleasant in a charcoal gray with classic pinstripes. But when buying Mens charcoal gray suit, we should consider possibility of one that can be worn in all weather. So it would be advisable to have a lightweight worsted wool gray suit instead of heavy woolen flannel. Light blue shirt or white shirt make good match with Mens grey suit. Either black or brown shoes are goes well with mens grey suit.


Mens Suit Colors for Different Season


Colors make very much impact on dressing with change in season. Knowledge of colors for dressing is essential to feel comfortable in any type of dress throughout the year. You can select right color mens suit which is most suitable for each season with little knowledge of color and style. While selecting suit color you should also consider your skin complexion. Avoid bright color suits if your skin tone is dark.

Since seasons are continuously changing, it is important to understand which color Mens suit you should or should not be wearing. If you like to keep up with the trends, you might want to have a man suit in your closet for each season. Spring and summer are considered to be the hottest seasons in fashion.

In summer light color suit such as such as beige, tan or white are most appropriate. You can wear Mens white suit, Mens tan suit, Mens brown Suit in summer. If you are looking for a mens suit color which is appropriate to wear during fall, Olive is the best color for men suits. Burgundy suit color is also a good for this season. While navy suit is a great man’s suit color to wear during the fall, it is also good to wear during the winter. Mens Italian White linen suit make great comfort in summer. The spring season has brought bright yellow tones with its arrival. Another hot color is electric blue for mens suit. To look amazing in spring and summer’s hottest colors; either blue or yellow is the color of style.

If you wish to keep some suit to wear for whole the year and in any season, Mens Black Italian Suit and Mens Italian charcoal grey suit is the option. With their basic appearance, these suits for man can be worn throughout each and every season of the year. You can buy black and charcoal grey suit for your wardrobe with collection of all season wear and also for any occasion. As winter comes to end designers start works with black and white tones. As winter has turned into spring and summer neutral has made an appearance. The black and white look has been rejuvenated for the warmer months.

You can add style in Mens suit with color. You can select pinstripe suit that makes suits stylish. Italian Mens suits are also another good choice. Mens Italian Wool Suit, Super High Twist Wool Italian Suit are best for winter.   Before choosing the Mens suit most suitable for you, one should know what is fashionable for each season. Choose a few items in each season that you absolutely love and create several different stylish outfits for your wardrobe with classic collection of mans suits.


Color that Speaks Your Personality

  • RED: to appear assertive or spontaneous.
  • BLACK: to appear reserved, unapproachable or authoritative or dynamic and exciting.
  • BROWN: to appear down-to-earth, casual or sympathetic.
  • BLUE: to appear trustworthy and loyal.  Dark shades to appear businesslike. Pale shades of blue to appear innocent and immature.
  • GREY: to appear neutral or unobtrusive, or to give a safe appearance.
  • GREEN: to appear calm and relaxed.
  • YELLOW: to appear joyful.
  • ORANGE: to appear energetic and spirited.
  • PURPLE: to appear romantic, artistic, spiritual or regal.
  • LAVENDER: romantic and feminine types and is considered soft and delicate.
  • PINK: to appear soft and feminine.



Mens Italian Suit – About Italian Suit Fashion


Italians have the edge when it comes to fashion and quality that never goes out of style. If you are perfect fit, for luxurious fabric and style, look no further than Italian suit, the global leader in luxury fashion. There are many considerations to take when shopping for clothing. To get the most for your money, buy Mens Italian Suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York that will stand the test of time. Looking good and stylish is one of the important aspects of Mens life. It could be their business or social life, they are now more conscious about their appearance. Besides, few fashion conscious Italians would go for something trendy. Italian Suits are characterized by strongly padded shoulders, strongly tapered sides, and no vent.

The Italian fashion has produced one of the finest mens suits with perfect blend of colors, finest fabrics and patterns. The fabrics and finest


designs have made the Italian suits appreciated all over the world. The “Made in Italy” Suits the most preferable suits all over the world.

The Mens suits are classified into various styles such as Double Breasted Suit, British Suit, American Suit, Italian Suit and other suits. The Double-breasted suits style is considered very conservative. All other styles are single-breasted and may have various numbers of buttons, most commonly two or three. British suits are characterized by moderately tapered sides, minimal shoulder padding, and two vents.  American suits are considered more casual than the preceding styles.

Italian suits are characterized as most fashionable among all types of suit. The Italian suits have various types of designs and cuts. The standard two-piece suit comprise of jacket and trousers. For formal occasions, three-piece suit is worn which consists of trousers, jacket, tie, and a waistcoat (vest). Contemporary is a term that includes a variety of recently designed suits that do not fit into the preceding categories.

For many decades, Italian tailors mastered the art of making perfect Italian mens suit and have produced most fashionable suits for the fashion world. The extraordinary ability took pride in creating Italian Suits with perfect cuts and detailed attention to linings, pockets, collars, and sleeves.

Style and quality are Italian Fashion’s strong assets. The style interprets the superior culture of clothing whereas the quality of originates from the manufacturing process, which combines state-of-the art technologies with exquisite handicraft.

Italian suit are also popular for wedding Suit. Select perfect Italian style groom’s suit, jacket, tie, color, jewelry, accessories, shoes and designer watch. Extremely sophisticated Italian suit with impressive quality fabric, matching waistcoat, cravat and pocket handkerchief for complete an exclusive and contemporary look on your wedding day.

With the choice of best fabrics and style of Mens Italians Suit, the most important thing to consider is what feels best for you; your comfort with style. Select clothes and ornaments that match with your personality other than crazy with latest trend and fashion.

Italian Fashion for men is characterized mostly by comfortable fittings and cuts which assure liberty of movement and wearing comfort. Rich color and pattern-designing Italian Suit will outfit a man disregarding his age and tastes.


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SUIT CARE Mens Suit Care Tips

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Caring for mens suit is very important because suits are the most expensive attire in mens wardrobe. More you care suits; your suit will be lasting for long in good condition. Good caring suit gives brand new look even if you wear more frequently. Otherwise the suit will get worse in its appeal and becomes un-presentable for attending business meetings, formal occasions, or even a job interview.



• Dry Cleaning Mens Suits

• Pressing Mens Suits

• Hanging your Suit Jackets

• Fabric Symbols


Mens Suits – Tips for Care and Clean Suit

  • To lengthen suits life, dry clean your suit only a few times a year or as needed.
  • Avoid more loads in your pockets, which could strain the joints.
  • Unbutton your jacket before you sit down. Also pull the pants up when you sit so you dont pull the fabric too much.
  • Hang your suit on a good wooden hanger and store it in a bag to protect it.
  • Brush your suit with a clothes brush when you take it off to keep it clean and looking good.
  • Avoid packing it in between lots of other clothes, which could cause it to wrinkle or chances to stamp effects of color from other dull color cloths.
  • To keep your suit looking crisp, have it pressed in between cleanings.
  • It is important that each suit can have at least one day’s rest after wearing to avoid it from wearing out fast.
  • Do not rub forcefully on stains or dirt to avoid it embedding into the fabric.
  • Buy mens suits that say Professionally dry clean only, then get it professionally dry cleaned and pressed every five or six wearing.
  • Never hot press or have heat treatment onto a stain on the suit, otherwise it will permanently imprint the stain.
  • The proper care for mans suit is to immediately remove any spots or stains.



Care Symbols for Mens Suit

You should read the label attached to your suit that indicates how to maintain your suit. These labels would generally apply to off-rack mens suits. It is important to know the symbols and what it represents. You would not want to do anything unsuitable and damage the expensive suit. The responsibility to maintain your suit belongs to you only.


Tips for hanging Jackets of Mens Suits

  1. Before hanging your suit jackets from Robert Smart Menswear in York use a clothes brush to brush them frequently after wearing. It helps to removes dirt and lint buildup on the suit. It also helps to rejuvenate the wool and prevent it from shining.
  2. Unbutton the suit jackets and remove any items in the pockets. This will not strain and weigh on the jacket’s pocket of the suit and keep it in its original shape.
  3. A very important aspect of Mens suit care is to always have your suit jackets hung on good coat hangers that entail broad with rounded shoulder supports. No matter how long your suit is left on it, the support from the hangers will keep your suit jackets in shape. Avoid metal wire hangers for suits. They will never be able to lay a good foundation for hanging any mens suits. If a hanger is not available, fold your suit jackets inside out with shoulders touching. By doing so, it prevents any possible dirt staining on the outer fabric of the suit.
  4. Make more space within your wardrobe which allows your suit jackets to hang and drape nicely without creasing.
  5. Keep your suit in the garment bag. If you don’t have garment bag, cover it with good cloth to avoid from dust.
  6. Keep your suit outside your wardrobe for one day after wearing.  It will help dry up any moisture in your suit. It also helps to rejuvenate wool since it is a natural fiber.



Tips for Pressing Mens Suits

  • Use reliable brands of iron for pressing mens suits from Robert Smart Menswear in York.
  • Iron with steam to remove wrinkle before the next wear. Do not dry press on wool suits because it can easily damage the fabric.
  • Before ironing mans suits, take care of the heat from the iron. More heat will cause wool to be damage.
  • Turn over the collar and lapels when pressing away the wrinkles on the suit.
  • To iron suit, place a clean cotton or linen cloth over the suit. Do not slide the iron over the clean cloth but rather press and lift it up.
  • Clothes steamer can also help by removing wrinkles and freshening up the suit if you do not want to iron your suit. Use a branded Steamer for its fast heating response, long duration of steam, and quality.



Tips for Dry Cleaning Mens Suits


Give your suit from Robert Smart Menswear in York for dry cleaning to reliable dry cleaner. They provide professional service and care for your suit such as pressing suit, preventing damages like discoloring or burning of the wool.

Avoid dry cleaning very often since in dry cleaning process chemical solvents are used to steam your suits.

Dry cleaning frequently will eventually damage suit’s fabric. It is advisable to dry clean once every 3 months.

Show your dry cleaner the spots and stains that need pretreatment. If not instructed, they missed the stain; it can leave a permanent scarring on suit.

Make sure that the clean suit is kept within a plastic bag during collection and the suit is not cramped in it. Take out the clean suit from the plastic bag and air it immediately.


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How to Clean a Barbour Quilted Coat

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Barbour quilted coats are available in many styles and colors and include a waterproof dressing to make them a long-lasting product. The waterproof exterior repels liquids so they don’t stain your coat and keeps the sun from drying and bleaching out the color. Cleaning your coat properly protects the material so you can apply additional dressing and keep wearing your coat for many years to come.



Things You’ll Need

      • Sponge
      • Cold water
      • Clothesline
      • Barbour thornproof dressing
      • Pan
      • Tongs
      • Plate
      • Blow dryer




  1. Wet a sponge with cold water, and wring it out so it remains damp.
  2. Wipe the inside and outside of a Barbour quilted coat gently to remove any dirt or debris from the coat.

    To remove heavy debris or dirt, soak the coat first in a bathtub of cold water, and then sponge off the interior and exterior.

  3. Hang your coat on a clothesline outside and let it dry naturally.



  1. Open and place a tin of Barbour thornproof dressing in a pot on the stove. Add water to below to top of the tin, and heat the water on medium high until the dressing softens. Remove the tin from the pot with tongs and place it on a plate.
  2. Dip a sponge into the dressing and rub it on the exterior of your coat. Work the dressing into the fabric, making sure to cover seams and creases.
  3. Plug a blow dryer into an electrical receptacle, and turn it on high heat. Dry the coat thoroughly with the blow dryer on all exterior surfaces to set the dressing.
  4. Hang your coat on a clothes hanger overnight in a warm area.





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Wax Cotton Care Instructions

Waxed cotton, or oilskin, is a unique high-performance fabric. It is made by weaving 2-ply cotton yarn into a strong canvas fabric, which is then treated with our proprietary mixture of micro and technical waxes. This oil/wax treatment creates a highly resistant wind and water barrier, while maintaining the breathability of the cotton.

The proper care and treatment of your waxed cotton garment will ensure its longevity. When you are not wearing your garment, always be sure to hang it in a well-ventilated area. Dried mud, sand, grit and dirt should be removed as soon as possible, as it will have an abrasive effect on the waxed cotton. It is also important to reproof your Classic or Lightweight waxed cotton garment as needed.



Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your garment but removes dust and dirt that can cause premature wear. Regular cleaning also prevents dirt build-up from becoming irremovable stains.

- REMOVE dried mud, sand and grit as soon as possible especially along inner sleeve seams, as these are abrasive.
- HOSE OFF or SPONGE WIPE with cold water only. If dirt is ground in, gently brush it off with a soft bristled brush and then rinse.
- HANG TO DRY naturally and completely for at least 24 hours in a dry, well-ventilated area.
- REPROOF the entire garment after cleaning.

DO NOT dry clean • DO NOT machine wash • DO NOT tumble dry (no dryer) • DO NOT use soap or detergent of any kind • DO NOT use solvents or bleach • DO NOT iron or starch • DO NOT force dry or expose to a direct flame • DO NOT expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time (such as rear car window).

Doing any of these will damage or remove the proofing and may void the garment’s warranty.



Most waxed cotton garments will need regular reproofing within a year if worn frequently, or even sooner if you notice that the coat is drying out due to exposure to the elements. Uneven, shiny or dry areas, or where moisture no longer beads, is a good indicator to reproof those specific areas. It is not necessary to reproof the entire garment unless it has been washed.

By reproofing your waxed cotton jacket, you can bring back its original water-resistant finish. On top of prolonging the life of your jacket, reproofing will also revive the fabric’s color and help to prevent holes from forming along the seams of your jacket. Garments can be brought to “as new” condition with an easy application of Australian Outback Authentic Dry Feel Reproofing Cream.

- Be sure that the garment is CLEAN and DRY. Lay it on a flat surface and apply the cream sparingly with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth.
- Try using a hair dryer to WARM the cream on the cloth and on the garment as you apply it. This will make the application easier and more uniform.
- SPREAD CREAM EVENLY, working it into the fabric in a circular motion. DO NOT coat the surface too thickly or it will not be able to absorb it all. Seams and worn areas will require more cream.
- WIPE OFF EXCESS cream and hang garment to dry overnight in a well-ventilated area.
- The next day, spread out any excess oil not absorbed. Apply more cream to areas that still appear shinny or dry.


Special Notes

Avoid contact between waxed cotton and pale-colored leather car seats. As a precaution only, we recommend that you do not wear garments on seats for the first couple of weeks after purchase or after reproofing. Once the natural weathering process begins, the garment will feel dryer and softer and it will then be safe to resume normal use.


Since 1894, Barbour has been making high-quality heavy-duty jackets to help shield boat workers from the worst of the elements. Part of the way that it helps shield its wearer is through a thin wax coating on the jacket. However, this coating doesn’t stay on permanently. Indeed, you’ll have to reproof the jacket every year to keep its maximum effectiveness. Fortunately, the process isn’t that tough.




Things You’ll Need

      • Barbour waxed jacket
      • Barbour wax
      • Pot
      • Hairdryer
      • Sponge
      • Cloth
  1. ▪ Newspaper
    Wipe down the outside of the jacket using a sponge and cold water. Do not use warm water nor try to put it in the washer and dryer, as that will permanently damage the jacket.
  2. Open the top of the can of wax, and put it into a pot full of boiling water. Do not let the water touch the wax, but simply place the can in the water in order to melt the wax inside it.
  3. Dab the wax onto the jacket in small and controlled amounts using a thin piece of cloth such as a dish rag or an old T-shirt. Make sure to take care of creases, cuffs and seams on the jacket. Avoid getting wax on any part that wasn’t originally waxed, such as the collar or the jacket’s lining.
  4. Hang your jacket on a hanger. Put newspaper underneath it. Now, blow dry all over the jacket. This will melt away the excess wax and give the jacket an all-new sheen. The newspaper will catch the excess wax and keep it from making too much of a mess. Leave it for a day to let it set.



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Cleaning Smooth Leather Shoes from Robert Smart Menswear in York

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Remove dirt by cleaning with a leather cleaner made specifically for smooth leathers. You can use saddle soap or a smooth leather shoe cleaner.


Shoe cleaners come in gels, foams, sprays, liquids and creams. Many leather cleaners come with an applicator top, or you can use a soft shoe brush to aid in removing dirt from the surface of the shoe. This will also help to remove dirt from any cracks in the shoes.


After cleaning, let the shoes dry for a few minutes and begin shining the shoes with a soft cotton cloth – either a shoe shine cloth, or even an old t-shirt, as long as it’s soft and made of cotton.


Conditioning Leather Shoes

Conditioning your leather shoes will help soften and moisturize the leather, and protect it from drying out and cracking. Certain types of leather, and shoes worn in dryer climates might need to be conditioned more often.


Some shoe cleaning products will clean and condition your shoes, but if you want your shoes to get the full treatment, or used a product specifically for cleaning, the next step is to condition your smooth leather shoes.


Of course, you’ll want a conditioner made for the specific type of shoe you’re working on. Also, look for a natural conditioner that is absorbed into the material of the shoe, as opposed to a synthetic conditioner that sits on top of the surface.


Rub small amounts of conditioner into the shoe, until the entire shoe has been covered with conditioner. After a couple of minutes, wipe any remaining conditioner off of the shoes, as the leather will only absorb what it can.


Most of the products you’ll use for leather shoe care can be found at general stores, shoe stores and shoe repair shops. If you are nervous about working on your own shoes, of course, any shoe repair shop will be happy to clean, polish and condition your shoes for a price.


To do a full and thorough session of leather shoe care, you’ll want the following items. Be sure the products you buy are recommended for smooth leather shoes.

• Newspapers

• Gloves

• Soft Cotton Cloths or Rags

• Soft Shoe Brush (optional)

• Smooth Leather Shoe Cleaner

• Leather Conditioner for Smooth Leather Shoes

• Shoe Polish, or a Shoe Polish Alternative

• Leather Protectant (Waterproofing Product)

The following pages will discuss these items in more detail, but it is most important that you follow the instructions that come with the products you buy, and be certain to only use products designed specifically for the materials of your shoes. i.e. Do not use these instructions or a product made for smooth leather to clean suede shoes!


Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure to you’re prepared for the shoe care process. Work on top of newspaper, wear gloves, and work in a well-ventilated area. These precautions are essential, as many shoe care products contain toxic chemicals that can be very harmful – more information on this in the shoe polish section of this article.

Cleaning Smooth Leather Shoes

Remove dirt by cleaning with a leather cleaner made specifically for smooth leathers. You can use saddle soap or a smooth leather shoe cleaner.


Shoe cleaners come in gels, foams, sprays, liquids and creams. Many leather cleaners come with an applicator top, or you can use a soft shoe brush to aid in removing dirt from the surface of the shoe. This will also help to remove dirt from any cracks in the shoes.


After cleaning, let the shoes dry for a few minutes and begin shining the shoes with a soft cotton cloth – either a shoe shine cloth, or even an old t-shirt, as long as it’s soft and made of cotton.


Conditioning Leather Shoes

Conditioning your leather shoes will help soften and moisturize the leather, and protect it from drying out and cracking. Certain types of leather, and shoes worn in dryer climates might need to be conditioned more often.


Some shoe cleaning products will clean and condition your shoes, but if you want your shoes to get the full treatment, or used a product specifically for cleaning, the next step is to condition your smooth leather shoes.


Of course, you’ll want a conditioner made for the specific type of shoe you’re working on. Also, look for a natural conditioner that is absorbed into the material of the shoe, as opposed to a synthetic conditioner that sits on top of the surface.


Rub small amounts of conditioner into the shoe, until the entire shoe has been covered with conditioner. After a couple of minutes, wipe any remaining conditioner off of the shoes, as the leather will only absorb what it can.


As I was looking for certain shoe polish products, I was surprised to find warnings that shoe polish contained toxic chemicals and could actually be considered very dangerous.


While I know most of us have had shoe polish around the house for years, probably without any problems, the warnings I found were of enough concern to me that I wanted to share the information with all of you. Below is more information about the toxicity of certain shoe polishes, as well as alternative and traditional polishing instructions.

Toxicity of Shoe Polish

Certain shoe polishes contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and or inhaled (read more at the epa web site).


It is essential that if you use shoe polish, you wear gloves when doing so, do not drink alcohol while polishing shoes (it can increase the effects of certain chemicals), and keep all shoe polish out of reach of children and animal companions.


If used, shoe polish should be used in a well-ventilated area, and all of the product shoud be used, with any residual being discarded or given to someone who will use it.


When disposed, shoe polish needs to be handled as a hazardous househould substance. Rags or clothes used that come in contact with the shoe polish should also be immediately discarded.


While some shoe polished claim to be non-toxic, most do not list their ingredients, so it is impossible to know that they are truly free of dangerous chemicals. While it is better to avoid shoe polish if possible, if this is not practical for you, and you do feel the need to buy commercial shoe polish – please use the necessary precautions.


Alternatives to Using Traditional Shoe Polish

Take your shoes to a shoe repair shop to have them cleaned and polished for you.


Rub your smooth leather shoes (not suede or nubuck) with the inside of a banana peel (test this method first on a small spot of the shoe), then buff and shine with a soft cloth or rag.


Olive oil or walnut oil works for smooth leather as well. Work a small amount into shoe, and polish with a soft cotton cloth. Again, try this method in an inconspicous spot before using the oil on the entire shoe.


Polishing Your Leather Sh oes with Traditional Shoe Polish

Shoe polishes are available in liquid, cream or paste. Liquid shoe polish dries quickly, but is not readily available in a lot of colors and does not last as long as the other options. Shoe polish paste is the longest lasting, but is very messy and slow to work with. Shoe polish cream is a great compromise, and is available in lots of colors.


Of course you’ll need to get the appropriate color of polish for you shoes. You can find a variety of shoe polishes at shoe stores, shoe repair shops and supermarkets, although you won’t find a large variety of colors at the latter. There are also several places on the web where you can find shoe polish. Apply the polish to a small, less conspicous area of the shoe to test and be sure the color is right.


Rub the polish into the shoe with a soft cloth, and allow it to dry thoroughly.


After the shoe polish is dry, shine your shoes by buffing them with a soft cloth or brush made specifically for shining shoes.


Weatherproofing your leather shoes will help to protect them from water and other elements that can ruin the finish and shorten the life of your shoes.


The Right Protectant for Your Shoes

Different weatherproofing products serve different purposes, so you should choose wisely. For example, if it is essential that your shoes are waterproof because you spend a lot of time in wet or messy conditions, and a pretty finish is not as is important, a beeswax product would be a better choice than a protective spray.


Beeswax products form a protective layer over the surface of the shoe or boot instead of being absorbed into the leather. This provides a better barrier against water, but the additional layers can alter the appearance of the shoes.


If the appearance of the shoe or boot is of more importance than the weatherproofing properties, a spray protectant should do the trick. By providing a breathable barrier against mild to moderate wet conditions and dirt, this type of weatherproofing product is virtually invisible on your shoes or boots.


There are  a large variety of waterproofing products including those for smooth leather, suede or nubuck.


Additional Tips for Leather Shoe Care

If your leather shoes have a lot of old polish buildup, you may want to use a pre-cleaner.

  • Don’t try to use shoe polish to change the color of your shoes. If you need your shoe color changed, consult a shoe repair shop.
  • Remove any laces before beginning. Laces can be cleaned separately or replaced if they are in really bad shape.
  • The next time you buy a pair of leather shoes, condition them before ever wearing them. This will help insure that your shoes are best protected from the start, and will save time on future cleanings.






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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Dress Shirts

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• Ironing your shirt: Check for stains before you begin to press your shirt. It must be clean, or you will set the stain into the fabric. To remove stains such as ink, you can purchase an over-the-counter ink stain remover or use a home remedy such as rubbing alcohol. Remove red wine stains by pouring white wine over the mark and laundering again.
• If you don’t have good quality steam iron, you should try to iron your shirt when the fabric is damp. You can press it far more easily to remove all wrinkles, and it’s less likely that you will damage your shirt in any way.
• Spray your cologne on your body instead of on your shirts. Wait for it to dry before dressing, as cologne can stain your shirt permanently over time.
• Check dress shirts occasionally for damage or needed repairs. Keep your eyes open for loose threads and buttons.


• Hang your dress shirt on a supportive hanger such as a wooden one or a thicker plastic one. If the hanger has firm shoulders, it will prevent unsightly bumps. Wire hangers are not recommended for your shirts.
• If you store your shirts from season to season, be sure to have them washed before packing them away. Store them in a plastic case to prevent insects and odours from reaching your dress shirts during storage.


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How to Take Care of Your Dress Shirt

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Knowing the proper care for you dress shirts is an essential in keeping them crisp, clean and elegant, not to mention in good condition. But most importantly, keeping your shirts in tip-top shape helps you project a well-groomed appearance.


Below are some simple tips and steps you can use to care and extend the life of your men’s dress shirts from Robert Smart Menswear in York:

- Wash brand new dress shirts you just bought from Robert Smart Menswear in York before you wear them. This will help you avoid allergies especially if you have sensitive skin. Doing so will also make the shirt softer and more comfortable to wear.

- To avoid embarrassing moments caused by missing buttons, routinely check your dress shirts to see if all buttons are secure and there are no loose threads. Getting them repaired immediately not only help avoid nuisances, but will also help in keeping your shirt in good shape.

- Machine wash you dress shirts using gentle cycle with lukewarm water to preserve the fabric quality and color.

- Never dry-clean your shirts. This is because chemicals use in dry cleaning fluids tends to destroy the fabric, weakening the threads and eventually result to holes and rips. These cleaning agents are also very strong that they have the tendency to turn whites to yellow.

- As much as possible, avoid starching your dress shirts. Starching while pressing causes cotton fibers to weaken. To keep the crisp look on your shirts, buy ones that have higher thread count.

- To avoid stains due to deodorant stains, spray or apply deodorant, cologne and other similar products on your body and wait for them to dry before wearing your shirt.

- To prevent permanent stains when accidents happen, promptly wash your dress shirt before the stain sets in and absorbed in the fabric.

- To avoid color runs, separate your dress shirts before washing into three categories: whites, colors and darks. To get white shirts whiter, use bleach. For colors, use a diluted solution or special bleach for colors. As for the darks, avoid bleaching all together.

- Check for stains and clean them before pressing. Heat from the iron might permanently set the stain into the fabric.

- Using a steam iron is better when pressing your dress shirts. But if you don’t have one, it’s best to iron them while the fabric is still damp so that you do not scorch or damage the fabric. It also helps in getting the wrinkles easier.

- When storing and hanging your dress shirts, it is better to use wooden or plastic hangers with firm shoulders to keep them in nice shapes. Wire hangers tend to destroy the shape of your shirts.


Clothes from Robert Smart Menswear in York, including men’s dress shirts are actually investments that every man should take care off. Looking good on them not only give you a good appearance, but also an air of confidence. That is why having them in perfect condition is very important and knowing how to do so is an essential.

Caring for your shirts in the proper fashion will result in a crisp look and a more professional appearance. By treating your shirts their best, you ensure that they’ll last longer and look better for as long as you care to wear them. Banish the wrinkled look and say hello to perfectly pressed, utterly stylish shirts for both work and play!

You should always check the care suggestions on your dress shirt from Robert Smart Menswear in York and try to stick to them. Always wash your dress shirt after you purchase it. If you wear it right after buying, it will feel stiff and could still contain chemicals. Use a trusted detergent that is color-free, such as Woolite or Ivory, and machine wash your shirt on the gentle cycle in lukewarm water. It’s best to wash your custom or bespoke shirts by hand.

Are you set on dry cleaning your shirts because you simply hate to wash your own or don’t have time? You can still bring your dress shirts in for cleaning, but get them laundered instead. Dry cleaning can give your shirts a yellowed appearance, so if you want your shirts to last, avoid dry cleaning as much as you can. Mark your shirts “No Starch” and “No Machine Press” when you send them out.


• Begin to iron your dress shirt by beginning with the underside of the collar. Smooth away from the collar points towards the back of the neck. Continue by ironing the front of the collar.
• Next, iron the yoke area from the neck outwards, and then iron the pleats in the same direction of the fold.
• Iron the cuffs of your shirt inside out as well. Put the sleeves down flat and iron upwards toward the shoulders.
• Don’t forget to iron the other side of the shirt sleeve before moving on to the next sleeve!
• Iron the body of your shirt by starting at the top and moving downwards towards the hem.


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Caring for your Eterna Iron free  Shirt

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Machine washing

1. Separate whites from colours.

2. Button the shirt.

3. Wash the shirt at 40 – 60 °C.

4. Do not overfill the machine. We recommend use of fabric softener in the final rinse.

5. Do not wring the shirt but hang it on a hanger and pull the collar and cuffs into shape.

The Eterna shirts from Robert Smart Menswear in York will dry smoothly virtually wrinkle free and, after 10 – 15 minutes wear, all remaining creases will disappear.

Professional Laundering

For the best result, ask your laundry to use a light press and NO starch.

When dry, you might think the shirt still requires a quick dash with a light iron.   DO NOT BOTHER.  After twenty minutes on the body, the shirt will be wrinkle-free and will stay that way all day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will the non-iron finish last?

A. As long as the life of the shirt. The organic formula that is applied to the yarn is indiginous to the cloth. In short – you will never have to iron your non-iron shirt. Other, cheaper shirts that claim to be non-iron have a coating that is applied to the cloth which will wash out.

Q. I am a very unusual size, can I still have an iron free life?

A. Yes. just give Robert Smart Menswear in York a call. We might have what you need (it is impossible to mention all options in the Web site). If not, using our made to measure service you can have any size, style and cloth. So, if you have the neck of Mike Tyson or the longest arms in the Western Hemisphere – let us deal with it.

Q. I am a regular neck size, but I have very short arms. Will I have to have made to measure?

A. No. We have an excellent sleeve shortening service which will give you the appearance of a bespoke shirt as we basically remake the sleeve to keep the proportions. £10 per shirt.

Q. What about washing instructions?

A. Detailed washing instructions will be sent with the shirt but they are literally this: – simply wash shirt in normal way, pull out of washing machine and hang to dry.

Q. What happens if my shirt gets ironed by mistake?

A. Nothing. Its just a shame that anyone has wasted their time! But try to make sure no-one irons the collar and cuffs: you will see as soon as the shirt comes out of the machine that they do not need touching with the iron and your shirt will last a lot longer if they are left alone. (In our opinion, it’s the pressing of the collar and cuffs on an ordinary cotton shirt that shortens their life considerably).


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Buying, Wearing & Caring For Linen

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Types of linen


The first things to know about linen are that clothes from Robert Smart Menswear in York made from the fabric are mostly casual, and that pure linen wrinkles very easily. The fabric also lends itself well to a few major clothing types.



Short-sleeve: Most linen short-sleeve shirts hang a bit looser than their cotton counterparts, so I usually buy them one size smaller. You can pick up linen short-sleeve shirts from a range  of labels, such as Polo Ralph Lauren.



Long-sleeve linen shirts come in two varieties — casual and dressy.



Linen pants from Robert Smart Menswear in York come in two primary variations: belted and drawstring.


Belted linen pants look like any other slacks, though they’re often found in lighter, more garish colors.


Drawstring linen pants look and feel much the same as the belted types, but with the added quirk of having a simple, built-in drawstring for fastening (and comfort) and are arguably the ultimate in achieving that classy but quasi-casual look that linen does so well.



Picture a regular sports coat… now picture it in linen. Yes, there’s not much surprise here, but as you’ll discover below, a linen blazer is one of the more casual, versatile sports coats you can own.


Linen suits

Linen suits, such as the ones we sell at Robert Smart Menswear in York, have a long history as the mark of the vacationing gentleman, particularly in the American South and the Mediterranean. Not only does a linen suit’s breezy elegance turn women’s heads, but a good linen suit marks its wearer as that rare man who manages to look laidback and classy, even during summer’s hottest, muggiest months.


Italian and Irish linen from Robert Smart Menswear in York are the two best-regarded types of linen used in the making of linen suits and blazers. Irish linen has history on its side, and is considered the superior — not to mention heavier, and therefore, less wrinkle-prone — of the two.


And because of linen’s loose-fitting nature, linen suits do not necessarily require traditional tailoring. If you’re on a budget, you can comfortably buy a linen suit off the rack. You can also save additional money by buying offseason, in the autumn or winter.


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