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Olney Headwear and hats, York from Smart Country

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A wide range of Olney hats can be bought from Smart Country in York. Olney Headwear has long been recognised as a producer and supplier of fine quality hats. The company, based in Luton, England, was established in 1914, when it was created by Albert E. Olney, and is now owned and run by the fourth generation of Olney’s who continue to manufacture and distribute quality headwear.

The Olney Headwear Range
From formal Top Hats to Casual Trilbies, Ladies Wax Cotton and Tweed Hats to men’s showerproof hats, please browse through all our pages, using the navigation above, which show the full range of Olney hats and flat caps.

Olney hats are regularly seen on the best heads in the land, and are available in the best shops worldwide, for people who enjoy both classic and contemporary design, all made to our exacting quality standard



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Gant clothing York

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Robert Smart Menswear in York is a prominent, upscale establishment that specializes in men’s garments. Robert Smart Men’s Wear is located in the midst of beautiful, historic York, at Low Petergate, half-way between midway the Minster and the Shambles. The York store’s inventory includes a wide range of jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and accessories. Gant derives these from trusted sources like from Canali, Desch, Magee, Meyer, and Saint Hilaire.
Gant is a Swiss clothing brand launched, in 1949. The design of the brand’s jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and accessories was influenced by European trends, and the corporation is now known throughout the world. Gant’s jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and accessories are available at stores throughout the world.

Bernard Gant immigrated to the United States in 1914, and settled in New York. He and his sons, Marty and Elliot Gant, started a family business. From 1941 to 1945, Gant sold men’s jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and accessories. Gant dress shirts were a necessity for young males in the 1960s. Gant’s shirts were different from others made at that time, because of the Gant loop at the back of the neck. Guys would sometimes detach the loop and give it to their girlfriends as a token of their esteem.

In 1964, Gant started producing making Madras shirts in the standard Gant style. The Gant Madras shirts were the most treasured. Gant opened stores in a number of locations across the country. Gant was soon the biggest shirt producer on the globe. Gant sold the business in the mid-sixties.

Robert Smart Menswear was established in 1967, in York, and the store prides itself on over 40 years experience in menswear retail. Robert Smart Men’s Wear in York sells men’s garments, including jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and accessories. From a modest beginning, Robert Smart Menswear evolved into an international company. Robert Smart Menswear offers a comprehensive selection of jackets, trousers and shirts, shoes and accessories from leading British and continental suppliers, such as Canali, Carlo Viscontti, Desch, Magee, Meyer, Saint Hilaire and Wilvorst, all of whom produce fine tailored trousers and shirts.
Today, as on the day the doors first opened, Robert Smart Menswear provides competent and professional service, and behaves with courtesy and consideration toward their customers at all times. The York location was recently redecorated. The up-to-date ambience at Robert Smart Menswear in York encompasses two levels. An array of casual jackets, trousers and shirts is featured on the first level, with famous brand-name leaders Bugatti, Chatham, Florentino, Gant and Hackett well represented. Adjacent to these is an bounty of classic British knitwear by John Smedley & Hodgson of Scotland, including garments made of cashmere and lamb’s wool. Shirts by Canali, Eton and Eterna, provide exactly the right complement, and there is also a huge selection of silk ties to accommodate all tastes.
A personal tailoring Service is provided to ensure that the jackets, trousers and shirts fit well. In addition, Gant provides an extensive, easy-to-navigate website as well as a forthcoming ecommerce site, to showcase the store’s jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes, and accessories.
Robert Smart Menswear carries the best selection of men’s jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes, and accessories, in York. Robert Smart Menswear entwines conventional American style with the flair of Europe.
Visit, telephone, or email, for more information. Wait! Before you leave Robert Smart Menswear, be sure to visit the company’s other stores, Robert Smart Menswear and Smart Country Menswear.


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Barbour Country Clothing York

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Barbour Country Clothing York

Smart Country store in York offers the best of men’s Barbour Country Clothing. The historic city of York has a rich cultural heritage reaching back to the ancient Romans. Therefore, J. Barbour & Sons Ltd does not seem to be a very old company since it opened only a little over one hundred years ago, but this company is the manufacturer of the quality Barbour Country Clothing. Still, York’s own, Smart Country is proud to include these rugged outdoor wear and country clothing. Known best for the oilskins, John Barbour of Galloway, Scotland began selling them in South Shields in the 1890s. 

Today, the company manufactures Barbour Country Clothing for all country wear. Sweaters, moleskins, and waterproofs for hunts are all a part of today’s Barbour’s British clothing. Smart Country carries a wide range of Barbour outdoor wear. Shoppers looking for men’s rugged, country clothing in York are sure to find something perfect in the line of Barbour Country Clothing. The country clothing is suitable for any activity in the country. York’s four seasons offer different opportunities for country pursuits. Smart Country store has Barbour Country Clothing for spring, summer, fall and winter. Enjoying wearing the Barbour Country Clothing from Smart Country Robert Smart Menswear in York, men can get on out in the country in any weather.

This store, Smart Country Robert Smart Menswear, is a family owned business in the city of York. They find that Barbour Country Clothing offers features not always available in the countryside ranges of other fine brands. Barbour Country Clothing provides features like close-fitting collars and cuffs. There are wide “game” pockets, and the waterproof pockets have holes for drainage.

York’s Smart Country Robert Smart Menswear offers the best selection of country clothing for men in the entire city of York. The store stands by the brand and quality of Barbour Country Clothing. Shoppers will find Smart Country Robert Smart Menswear a unique experience in clothes shopping York style. For those seeking countryside options, the Barbour Country Clothing has varieties suitable for all sizes and tastes. Truly, Smart Country Robert Smart Menswear, York, is responsible for making available top-of-the-line men’s clothing. The men of York and anyone passing through can browse the wonderful collection of Barbour Country clothing and find something for their country excursions. Indeed, Smart Country Robert Smart Menswear is serving the city, and customers can easily find the store in the historic centre area of Low Petergate.


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