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John Smedley knitwear York

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If you are looking for knitwear in York, this is the highest quality then come to Robert Smart menswear where we stock a wide range of John Smedley knitwear.

The John Smedley story began 225 years ago when Peter Nightingale and the first John Smedley set up shop at our mill in Lea Mills, Derbyshire, England. We have a wide selection of knitwear in our York store.

It was in 1922 when John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton was first used to knit underwear.  We are renowned worldwide for our Sea Island Cotton, with only the finest materials being sourced and used to produce the super soft feel which has led to produce some of John Smedley’s most iconic pieces, Leander and Pembroke. Visit our York shop to see John Smedley knitwear.

The detail in producing the perfect garment is firstly hand-picking the cotton as it matures which maintains its purity and means we avoid a chemical defoliant. The result is ethically produced, exceptionally soft knitwear that can be worn and washed repeatedly. The qualities of John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton make it perfect for underwear that’s closely fitted and feels beautiful against your skin.

Amongst the male underwear on offer today feature our long johns. Supposedly named after Big John Sullivan, a boxer in 1982 who was said to have never worn anything but, when in the ring. Where did he go to for his long john’s? John Smedley of course. The foundations of the long johns were created and are now available in Sea Island Cotton and Merino wool. They’re so practical and comfortable, they’ve even taken people up Mount Everest! Ideal for day or night wear in York.

An ideal Christmas present for your loved ones this year from our York shop, John Smedley underwear will give you a small taste of the brand and give an insight into the quality and attention to detail that goes into each garment. You’ll just have to start thinking of good excuses to stay in bed, snuggled up in your John Smedley this winter!

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Magee Clothing York

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Magee Clothing York A timeless brand with a contemporary Irish twist, established in 1866. Our extensive collection ranges from formal Business attire to a casual Weekend look for both men and women in York. We add a few special touches to our collections, which make them unique – beautiful quality, fabulous cloths, a timeless but contemporary look and of course – our Irish heritage.

Magee has been perfecting the art of men’s wear since the 1800’s. The Magee range is available in our Robert Smart Menswear shop in York.  We are continuously evolving to provide you with everything you might need in your wardrobe.  What about a luxurious wool and cashmere mix tweed Magee jacket for a day at York races, a sharp pinstriped suit and crisp tailored shirt for that important meeting, a morning coat for that special day, an Irish linen and silk mix jacket, Magee linen shirt and chinos for a summer picnic, a beautifully warm coat for those bitter winter days, a Magee tuxedo for the Christmas party in York, or perhaps just a casual unstructured jacket, Magee polo shirt and jeans for the pub with friends around York.

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Meyer trousers York

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Meyer has been designing trousers since 1960 and has their own European production with quality in every detail as their trademark.  We stock a wide range of Meyer trousers in our York store on Petergate York.Each pair of Meyer trousers has a superb fit with stretch waistband, hidden security pocket and are machine washable/easy care.

Each MEYER trousers have the following well thought-out features:

  • Guaranteed fit
  • Stretch waistband
  • Hidden security pocket
  • Machine washable / easy care
  • Including matching belt (Cotton)
  • Premium quality finish
  • Super-soft touch
  • Environmentally tested to Ökotex Standard 100

Visit our York store to view a wide range of Meyer trousers.

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Eterna clothes York

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Eterna Excellent shirts from Robert Smart Menswear York.

The Finest 100% Swiss Cotton, All Shirts are Natural Non Iron. Only those that use the best raw materials can aim for best quality and offer it to their customers. Only the best and ‘longest stapled’ cotton fibres are considered for the production of the fine Swiss cotton material. That is just three percent of the global cotton harvest. Those that wear an Eterna shirt bought at our York clothing shop Robert Smart Menswear appreciate the top quality. The quality improvement to make Eterna shirts wrinkle free is already in the material. Afterwards Eterna shirts will always remain smooth. Wrinkles are ‘ironed’ away by the body heat of the person wearing the shirt or the blouse.

Eterna shirts York at Robert Smart Menswear York.

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Gant clothes York

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The Gant premium lifestyle brand combines American casualness with European elegance for sale in our York shop Robert Smart menswear. The company’s values are based on its authentic American East Coast heritage, dating back to the launch of the brand in 1949. Since then the brand has been further developed, taking influence from Europe, and is now a truly global brand. Gant offers full ranges of clothing for men, in our York clothes shop. In addition, Gant branded watches, footwear, eyewear, fragrances and home furnishings are designed and marketed by licensees.

If you want to buy Gant clothes in York then come to Robert Smart based on Petergate in York.

Gant’s history began when Bernard Gant started making shirts in New Haven, USA. He quickly turned his passion for quality and design into the business of making casual sportswear. His sons, Marty and Elliot, later joined the company and retained their father’s dedication to garment craftsmanship and attention to detail. Still today, Bernard Gant is the source of inspiration behind Gant’s core brand values – integrity, refinement, character, understanding and optimism.

In 1999, Sweden-based Gant AB (at the time named Pyramid Sportswear) acquired the Gant brand from Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation. Back in 1980, Pyramid Sportswear had been given the right to design a collection branded Gant for the Swedish market. Pyramid Sportswear was subsequently given the right to market Gant worldwide, excluding the U.S. market. When the Gant USA business was acquired in 1999, the new owners of the Gant brand were finally given the opportunity to turn Gant into a global brand. In 2006 Gant was quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and in March of 2008, Gant was delisted and bought by Maus Frères – a private Swiss company.

Gant has a history of strong international growth and is today established in over 70 countries through more than 330 Gant stores and a large number of selected premium retailers. In 2002, Gant headed east and entered the Russian market. Launches followed in Japan and China in 2004 and 2005, and during 2006, Gant was also launched in India, South Korea, Canada, Thailand and Brazil. In 2007 Gant was introduced to the markets in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Israel. Our York branch contains a wide range of  their clothes.

We have a wide range of Gant clothing in York at Robert Smart Menswear on Petergate, York

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Hackett York

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Hackett York, Essential British Kit with a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury designer clothing for men and ever popular Little Britons Clothing Collection for children including a range of quality accessories. Available for sale in our Robert Smart and Robert Smart Clothing shops

Hackett is a classic British clothing and accessories brand which caters for the head to toe needs of men of all ages who wish to dress stylishly and to whom quality is more important than the vagaries of fashion.

Hackett takes its inspiration from the traditions of British dress without being old fashioned and as such its products are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Parts of the range are much the same as they were twenty years ago, but as Jeremy Hackett says, “our clothes wear in not out”.

Hackett’s aim is to dress men for any occasion whether it is business, formal, country or sporting and it is perfectly encapsulated under the strap-line Essential British Kit.

Hackett’s ’Little Britons’ range increasingly caters for the younger “man’s” needs.

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Country Clothing York

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Clothing In York Is Wonderful

When you look at York you may think about a wide variety of activities that are available. One thing that York may not strike you as is having a wide range of country clothing to wear. Once you know about the wide range of country clothing that York is offering you will find that Robert Smart Menswear  and Smart Country York could be the best location to find the shooting, hunting, walking, or other country clothing that you need to find. 

One reason that Smart Country York is going to be so wonderful to find the hunting, shooting, walking, or country clothing of York is that the selection is going to be huge. When you think about Smart Country York you may think that this is going to be another run of the mill shooting, hunting, walking, country clothing shop. However, you will be shocked to see that Smart Country York is anything but your ordinary York country clothing shop.

Another reason that you should visit Smart Country York is they are going to have great prices on that huge selection of the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that you need to have. Since the selling these items at great prices you will quickly notice that you can go out into the York countryside or any countryside for that matter in style without spending a fortune. Then you will be able to tell other people about Robert Smart menswear is the best place to get great deals on the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that they need to have. Then they can head out on a more frequent basis with you to the countryside’s.

When you look for shooting, hunting, walking country clothing you should know that Robert Smart menswear is going to be a great location to find these items. That is because in York you will see that the people are more centered towards heading into the outdoors. Since the staff  of Smart Country York are more into the outdoors adventures you could ask them for advice on the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that is going to fit them. You may find that the staff at Smart Country York that will be replying to any questions are going to be some of the most knowledgeable people about the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that is required when you go outside.

For many people when they think of York clothing is going to be the least of their thoughts. However, at Robert Smart menswear you will be able to find the shooting, hunting, walking country clothing that you need to have when going out into the countryside. Once you know about Robert Smart menswear you will find that this place in York is going to be the best place to find your shooting, hunting, walking country clothing. Even if you do not travel to York you will still be able to find the great shooting, hunting, walking country clothing by visiting Smart Country York menswear website.

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RM Williams York

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R.M.Williams knows that boots can’t just look good.  They have to fit comfortably as well. From the first moment, they should feel like your feet have known them for years. We have more sizes than most boot makers and they fit where it counts.
They hold your foot snug across the instep and are shaped to give you close support under the arch, then curved to match the shape of your heel.  That way they don’t slip and chafe. So they stay comfortable.  You might say it’s a comfort that lasts.

R.M.William are on sale in our Smart Country store in York

R.M.Williams is far and away the leading name in the Australian bush outfitting business. With sales of over $50 million a year, the company’s retail and concept store program has grown to more than 100 locations in Australia and New Zealand and overseas stores in London and New York.

R.M.Williams boots have led many Australian and overseas aficionados to nominate the company as “the best boot-makers in the world”, and in 2000 R.M.Williams invested Aus$2.5 million in an addition to the Salisbury Factory.

The company is passionate about Australian bush heritage, and R.M.Williams Outback magazine has one of the highest subscription rates of any magazine in Australia. Time-tested practicality and functionality remain the company’s guiding trends, with product development and innovation an on-going issue.

Born in 1908 on a farm in mid-north South Australia since the age of 16 he’s worked through more careers than there are stitches on his brand-name boots.

Camel boy, drover, well digger, bootmaker, miner, businessman, historian, author and leatherworker just to name the main ones.

He was born seven years after Federation to the optimism of the words of  Australia’s first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton -

“For the first time in history we have a continent for a nation and a nation for a continent” – and has lived to see the eyes of the world focused on Australia for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

R.M. first went bush in his teens – lime burning and building in stone in Victoria and on the Western Australian goldfields. In the late 1920’s, he signed on as a camel boy with the missionary explorer, William Wade, in his treks across Australia’s central western deserts. He learned valuable bush lore and survival skills from the aboriginal peoples of the area, and honed his stock handling and bushcraft skills from the stockmen of the desert fringe cattle stations.

By 1932, the onset of the Great Depression (only Germany suffered greater deprivations than Australia during that terrible time) found R.M. camped out in the Gammon Ranges of South Australia with his young family, barely making a living digging wells. But it’s an ill wind… and during this time he met an itinerant saddler named Dollar Mick.

A self-taught genius in leatherworking, Dollar Mick passed on his skills to the 24 year old R.M. who made and sold his first pair of riding boots for 20 shillings to a man from Hilltaba Station whose name he can’t remember.

Having worked on some of the great pastoral runs of the interior, no one knew better than R.M. what men who were born in the saddle wanted when it came to footwear.

With boot sales to the first unknown buyer and cattle king, Sir Sidney Kidman, under his belt, R.M. set up the beginnings of his first factory in 1932 in an iron woodshed behind his father’s house at 5 Percy Street, Prospect (now known as the R.M. Williams Outback Heritage Museum).

With no capital and little help, he built up a team of dedicated craftsmen and took out advertisements in the rural press that asked customers for cash with their orders.

Over the following decades, R.M. developed his business, diversifying into bush saddlery, equipment and the company’s trademark moleskins, jeans and bush shirts.

Other landmarks of R.M.’s life include being the founder of the Australian Roughriders Association, and helping to form the Equestrian Federation of Australia in 1951 and the Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach in 1988.
He was also editor of Hoofs and Horns magazine in the early 1950’s.

Reginald Murray Williams passed away on 4 November 2003 aged 95.

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Anatomic & Co York

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Anatomic Gel Mens Shoes in York has added every possible feature to ensure your total comfort from the instant you slide you feet into your first pair, until you reluctantly take them off at the end of the day. Their special technology, unseen in any other comfort shoe, allows unrivalled flexibility and breathability.

Combine this latest technology with padded ankle supports, chamois soft leather linings, smooth internal seams, tumble grain silk leather uppers, full anatomic footbeds and deep comfort cushioning and you have yourself one of the finest pair of shoes money can buy! Anatomic & Co footwear Yorkoffers maximum comfort without sacrificing style, which is something of a rarity among comfortable footwear brands and this is one of the main reasons why the brand has become so successful worldwide over the last 20 years.

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Barbour Heritage Range York

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Barbour’s Heritage collection York  finds the modernity in tradition. Inspired by Barbour’s remarkable archive, Heritage designs are rich in detail, unapologetically functional and incredibly stylish. Fits are slimmer; fabrics state-of-the-art. Heritage shows Barbour at its most refined – at its most Barbour.

Barbour Heritage Range York is an authentic British brand providing a wardrobe of clothes for country pursuits, country living and for those who simply love the country, while still maintaining the core values of its heritage, durability, fitness for purpose and attention to detail.

These are all for sale in our York shops.

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